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Taking WordPress sites to a whole new level.

WordPress is an extremely popular choice when it comes to creating an online presence for most small and medium-sized startups, entrepreneurship, and businesses. It allows these businesses to build an attractive, Search Engine Optimize website that fits within their budget but still gets the job done to bring in more customers, inform them about their products or services, and allow them to communicate with them.

But regardless of whether you are a small, new company or a well-established enterprise, the goal of making a good WordPress website is to make sure that it is unique. It should be a reflection of your business and brand. If you are simply using a run of the mill, free WordPress template, you are setting yourself backward. The key to grabbing a visitor by the eye and turning them into a potential customer is to maintain their interest throughout their interaction with your website. And the only way to do it online is by creating a personable website design that sets you apart from the rest.

At Website Scope, we aim to provide businesses like you with the opportunity to build their very own WordPress website with a design they can truly call their own. Our experts use modern tools and techniques at their disposal to not only build aesthetically appealing web designs but also implement features that are innovative and intuitive, allowing for the optimum flow of information and call to actions that the visitor has no choice but do business with you.

The very first step in the process will be a consultation discussion between you and our representatives to set the ground rules and build the foundation for the WordPress site. In this meeting, we expect you to communicate your ideas and demands to us as clearly and thoroughly as possible so we can identify our initial goals. We do not want there to be any miscommunications or misunderstandings. Then we take things into our own hands and after performing market research to figure out what your major competitors are doing currently, we will develop a design that is unique yet effective in bringing in leads from your target audience.

We employ a team of dedicated individuals who are experts in visual website design and aesthetic appeal as well as incorporating functionality and user-friendliness into any interface. They will use their collective experience in the field to design a WordPress theme that oozes individuality, reflects the values and essence of your brand, looks and feels contemporary, and still fits within your budget.

What can you expect from us?

We love & know what we do!


We will do all the market research needed to ensure that not only does your WordPress website stand out from the competition but it incorporates all of the features and elements that work in your niche.


Your instructions and requirements will be considered as the foundation for the subsequent website design and content.


Communication channels will always be open and running to update you on the latest developments and take your opinion into consideration as well.


Our experts will run thorough quality and performance checks before delivering your WordPress site to make sure you do not run into any trouble at a later time.


All of the information and data you communicate to us regarding your company or business will remain in safe hands as we take the issue of security extremely seriously and have put in the necessary measures to prevent any data loss or damage events from taking place.


You can expect to be communicated with at every step of the way and informed of the latest developments in the project.

Brief about different WordPress features

WordPress ranks among the top three platforms that are used to build websites. Think about it: almost one-third of all the websites on this wide world of the internet is powered by WordPress- and for good reason, too.

WordPress is a flexible and intuitive platform that gives you access to a number of tools and trinkets using which you can corporate a number of different features and elements to make your website unique as well as functional in the aspects that you need it to be.

Here are some of the best features of WordPress and why investing in a good WordPress theme and website can work out so well for you and your business’ digital marketing strategy:

Artificial intelligence has become the talk of the town and one of the major disruptors in the industry. When it comes to business marketing and online strategies, it manifests itself as an inspired and intuitive chatbot that interacts with the visitor and gives them the exact information that they need in a manner that makes them feel addressed and catered to. You want your website visitor to feel like they are the most valuable individual on the page right now, and a personalized experience with a chatbot on your WordPress website helps achieve just that.

The modern consumer is no longer satisfied with just text and a couple of images scattered in between. If a visitor comes to your website and finds pillars upon pillars of boring text that they have to weed through, they will most likely click off your website in five seconds and find another, more interesting option. You have to grab their attention in the first few seconds of their visit by piquing their interest with video content. WordPress allows you to install video headers on your website that play on the homepage and give your potential customer something new to look at.

Analysis and review are some of the most essential aspects of your digital marketing strategy. You want to keep track of your visitor experience and user engagement. Using this data, you can make valuable predictions about your website performance as well as determine what your next approach should be to improve those numbers. WordPress enables you to track your website performance through Google Analytics and use a variety of tools to interpret that data to make useful and meaningful conclusions that will help your brand in the future.

A good contact or submission form is important to make sure that your customer has a way to maintain a channel of communication and contact with your business. Unfortunately, considering just how many contacts forms an average internet user sees on an average day, a boring submission form will do you little good. With WordPress, you can build innovative submission forms that cater to the very specific needs of a specific customer. These conditional logic forms can be accessed using a set of plugins on WordPress and they display the fields that may be relevant to a particular customer based on their information, actions, and requests.

We are full of interesting creative ideas!